Abadgaran-e Iran Complexes

Abadgaran is among the leading residential centers in Iran the domain of activity of which in tourism and time-sharing is of long history and the construction of tourist villages in the city of Mashhad, and North of Iran enabled Abadgaran to support a network of the target society of tourism industry.

Projects like Kouhsangi Tourist - Recreational Project in Mashhad, Golestan, Tourist - Recreational Project in Mashhad, Calm Sea Site in Galougah in the vicinity of the beautiful region of Miyankaleh in Mazandaran and Golestan provinces, and Tranquil Residential Tower in the holy city of Mashhad are among the projects Abadgaran-e Iran is either implementing and/or has already launched.

Focused management and long-run planning are the two factors the well-reputed name of Abadgaran implies in such domains as development, construction and tourism.