Raja Transportation Company

With more than 1300 Passenger cars, RAJA Rail Transportation Company, aiming at improving services both qualitatively and quantitatively, functions as the expectations necessitate the ever-improving of the offered services.

RAJA Company as Iran’s largest private-run rail company owns 50 percent of the passenger-transport market. Developing sales methods utilizing the most updated technology, expanding the scope of public relations and information services for building trust and offering more services, cohesive scheduling of departures via employing modern technology, developing and strengthening

The rail services via purchasing and furnishing modern trains and cars, all in all, are among the activities RAJA has planned for and implemented. With regard to the strategic geographical location of Iran and considering the fact that Iran is a vast country which easily bridges the neighboring countries,

RAJA Company has prioritized the development of the rail transport for tourist purposes both inside and abroad. Tehran- Van- Ankara trail invites tourists to enjoy picturesque landscapes in Iran and Turkey. Development of tourism trains are other plan which offer interesting cultural and natural tours to the slow travellers insisting on sustainable development and local communities’ benefits.